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What is intuition?

As I type these shownotes, I am sitting at the automotive shop waiting for my battery to be replaced.  I just overheard how we experience intuition put into the most beautiful words that I might have ever heard.

There’s a phone conversation happening behind me.  

So I am only hearing half of what’s being said.

The words that caught my attention were, “This is how that sat down in my soul.”

I don’t know what that is.

I just know that the person that I am eavesdropping on, found profound clarity is something that had been unsettling to her.  I thought those words were beautiful and the perfect way to launch into what’s covered in this week’s podcast.

Following your intuition is not normalized.

We view those that are truly able to as wise.

But we aren’t taught how to tap into our own natural intuition.

Is there a way to enhance it?

Can we go beyond just “listening to our gut?’

My answer is YES WE CAN!

Intuition can be such a broad and elusive term.

In order to develop it, we must first understand it in all of its forms.

It shows up differently for each person.

Understanding your primary intuitive strength is the first step to enhancing your intuition.

The “clairs” are the sensory ways that we communicate with the unseen world.

In this episode of the In Her Eyes Podcast, I explain each of the “clairs.”

The first 5 that I discuss are directly related to our senses.

  • Clairvoyance (clear-seeing) is the clair that is most commonly associated with mediums and psychics. Yet, if you have a proclivity toward the visual arts, you probably have more access to this talent than you are aware. The action that you can take to enhance this clair is: meditation. Guided visualization through meditation will help you distinguish between your imagination and your clairvoyance.

  • Clairaudience  (clear-hearing) can be scary. It means hearing sounds or voices that are coming from somewhere outside of you.  Distinguishing them from you inner chatter that comes from your ego and fear can be hard. People with clairaudience experience both words and sounds. Oftentimes, when people are in distress, they experience clairaudience with great clarity.  If you are uncomfortable acknowledging what you “hear” out loud, write it down.  If the words appear rational and make sense, inquire further. And take note.  To enhance your natural clairaudience, spend time in silence.  Take a walk in the forest.  When we are away from the noise of day-day living, we experience the space to hear what Spirit is saying.

  • Clairsentience (clear-feeling) shows up in our physical body in the same way that we would react emotionally to something that we are experiencing.  If your Human Design type is Manifesting Generator or Generator, you have experienced those “gut feelings.”  Honor them.  Use them as guidance.  At the extreme end of the clairsentient spectrum people feel the pain of others intuitively.  It is most commonly associated with something that is happening in the moment.  Often at a distance.  Actively practicing non-judgement, is the most sure path enhancing your clairsentience.

  • Clairalience (clear-smelling) is hard to say!  And people that don’t experience it can't imagine it existing.  This is my most prominent clair.  I experienced it for decades before I discovered a) everyone didn’t experience it and b) that it had a name.  I knew that I had a super sensitive nose.  But after my father passed, I could smell him distinctly when I sensed his presence.  To enhance your clairalience, rid yourself and your home of artificial fragrances in cleaning products, body products, hair care products, candles, air fresheners, etc.

  • Clairgustance (clear-tasting) is a niche clair that we have normalized to the point that it is seen as a true gift.  People with this strength can physically taste things that aren’t there.  Chefs do it every day as they create new dishes.  But certain healers can taste minerals missing in someones blood.  Psychics have helped solve investigations by tasting a person’s cause of death.  By avoiding preservatives in your food and eating as close to food’s natural state as possible is the path to enhancing your clairgustance.

  • Claircognizance  (clear-knowing) is when thoughts come seemingly out of the blue.  This is different from clairaudience in that you “just know.”  You aren’t actually hearing the words.  Journaling is the most powerful tool to use to enhance your claircognizance.

There are activities and passions that are naturally associated with each clair.  I walk you through how you might already be experiencing one of these in everyday life without realizing it.

I go deeper into the steps that you can take to fine-tune your primary clair.

Once you learn how to identify your clair from the routine chatter that you experience in your mind, you will be able to tap into it on a deeper level. And once we start owning our strengths, we begin to normalize our gifts and access our power.

Trusting ourselves, and teaching our children how to trust themselves is the greatest gift that we can give

“Some people are highly empathic, some people are telempathic, 
or telepathic, some are clairempathic, while others are claircognizant,
clairvoyant, clairaliant, clairaudient, clairgustant, clairsentient;
and a very few are all of the above. The great amount of confusion
and inner strife that accompanies one or more of these conditions,
can be calmed and soothed first by acceptance, second by
the humility to be okay with the fact that you are stuck with it forever,
and third by honing these conditions to their best possible
uses and most polished states.”

― C. JoyBell C.




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"Every great design begins with an even better story."
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“Intuition goes before you, showing you the way.
Emotion follows behind, to let you know when you go astray.
Listen to your inner voice. It is the calling of
your spiritual GPS system seeking to keep
you on track towards your true destiny.”

                      -Anthon St. Maarten


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