How to Work with Color:


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Our bodies process information through intricate pathways of our nervous system, translating it into chemical constructs that trigger various bodily functions. 

Color is no exception.

Photoreceptors in our eyes convert different wavelengths of light into colors as we experience them. These colors are simply names we've given to various wave frequencies of light that we, as humans, perceive.

We know that a tree is a tree and that the color blue is blue.

Color is no different. Colors that we know are just titles to different wave frequencies of light and how we, as humans, experience those wave frequencies.

Colors affect us even when we don't consciously identify with them. 

Your body takes in and processes millions of points of data each moment without you having to be conscious of it.

While the words vibration and frequency are words that you often hear in the metaphysical realms, they are measurable scientific terms. 

Our bodies are complex systems, responding to everything we encounter. Every cell possesses the ability to process color information, not just the photoreceptors in our eyes.

Every single cell in our body is a receptor for information.

Different organs and regions of the body respond differently to different colors, because our bodies are gorgeously complex systems that have evolved through interaction with our environment. 

Your environment as defined by what is in your field of vision,
your field of sound, 
the air that you are taking in,
the house that you live in, 
the city,
the region,
your belief systems,
your spirituality. 

All of that is intertwined into what we are and everything is affected by all of those things. 

We think of resonance as something that is positive; something vibrating along with us. When you take a second and think about a couple of colors that vibrate with you, you can start to begin to understand the concept of color as energy and color as a vibrational wavelength that every single cell in your body has the capacity to respond to. 

Color is a powerful tool for emotional, physical, and spiritual alignment. By consciously using color, we can create alignment within ourselves and our lives.

The different modalities that I discuss in depth are:

  • Wearing colors
  • Eating color aligned food
  • Color in room design
  • Visualization
  • Imagination
  • And more….

Experiment with color, allow yourself to play and discover its potential.

Head over to share your experiences with color in our Community page, and let's explore the amazing world of color vibrations together. 





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"Color is a power which directly influences the soul."

-Wassily Kandinsky




I embrace the vibrant energy of colors,
allowing them to uplift my spirit,
inspire creativity,
and bring harmony into my life.




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Book Recommendation:

The Secret Language of Your Body by Inna Segal explores the underlying causes of health issues and presents a step-by-step method to guide your body back to natural health. Discover how to heal in every aspect of your life. Decode the language of disease, release your limiting thoughts, harness the power of color for healing, and learn from the messages your body holds.

Crystals to Work With:

Tangerine Quartz:

Helps with visualization and experiencing a sense of childlike wonder.

Color to Work With:


Practice visualizing different colors to see where your body responds.

Chakra to Work With:

Chakra clearing exercise from Episode 46

Celestial Insights: Exploring the Mysteries of the Moon

Waxing Crescent Phase

"What does this mean for me?"

Discover the strength of the Waxing Crescent stage, a time of gradual progress and promising beginnings. Seize this golden opportunity to prioritize self-nurturing and foster the development of your new ideas. 

Nurturing yourself involves acknowledging your needs and embracing self-compassion. It means granting yourself the time and space to rest, reflect, and recharge, allowing your mind and spirit to find balance and renewal. Watch as they blossom into something extraordinary.

Waxing Crescent

"What else is happening?"

Monday brings a potent New Moon in Cancer, as the Sun aligns with the Moon in this nurturing sign. It's a great time to set personal goals that embrace the positive qualities of Cancer, such as honoring our deepest emotions, finding security in our homes, and offering support to others. This New Moon's harmony with Neptune can offer transformative changes that will have lasting effects. Embrace this energy to manifest positive transformations in your life, however, be mindful of potential power struggles or fear-driven actions due to the Moon's opposition to Pluto. 

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