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What things are you bringing into your home that could be causing you to feel less than your best?  Or even worse, cause physical or emotional disruptions in your (or your daughter's) body?  Did you know that manufacturers can get away with hiding known toxic chemicals in products by simply using the word "fragrance?"

My family's medical history is filled with auto-immune disorders as well as debilitating asthma and heart problems.  I have always been highly sensitive to smells.  From my late teenage years through my late 30's, I was knocked out by migraines that always seemed to come out of the blue.   My skin was hyper sensitive as well.   But the more that I paid attention, the more that I could see what put me out of alignment with my ability to physically feel good.  When my daughters came along, I discovered how I could "sense" when something was affecting them physically, mentally or emotionally.  I realized that being sensitive was a good thing.  It was part of my wise-womanhood, not a weakness as I had been led to believe.

In this episode, we discuss where hormone/endocrine-disrupting toxins can be found hiding and why it is important to be on the lookout for them.  You will learn what steps to take to make your home the place where you, your daughters, your family can thrive.  

My amazing guest is Medical Anthropologist and toxic mold survivor, Lea Pickard.  She shares with you the most important things you need to know about creating interior harmony at the cellular level. Our bodies have a miraculous ability to heal themselves.  But that ability is hampered when we are (often unknowingly) in constant contact with biologically disruptive chemicals.  You will hear what happens when a molecular biologist and medical anthropologist dive deep into what it means to truly empower yourself in your own space, interior harmony at the deepest level! 

Lea, a self-described Indiana Jones of Health, has traveled the world studying and understanding how the health of women in different societies affects their larger communities.  She has taught college courses and written articles on the subject.  Yet, when she faced with her own personal health issues and armed with mountains of knowledge; she still gave her power away.  By reclaiming her power, Lea has become a brilliant light to help other women by marrying the science and the soul of health.  

If you suffer from any recurrent conditions: chronic headaches, difficulty sleeping, anxiousness, heavy periods, bad PMS, frequent bronchitis, or a host of other issues that we have come to perceive as "just part of life" this episode is a must-listen.  


  • how our cycles can be disrupted by what we use on our bodies or in our home
  • how known chemical toxins can be cleverly disguised in the things we interact with daily
  • what chemicals to be on the lookout for
  • how packaging can visually distract you from the truth of what's in a product
  • where to go for products that care about your health and the health of our beautiful Mother Earth
  • what does it mean to reconnect to "women's wisdom"
  • how to recognize the whispers before they become the screams

THE TECHNICAL TERMS (in case you feel the urge to Google):

  • PETROCHEMICALS (This article is from a company website for a product that I have never used.  They just do a great job explaining why you want to avoid them.  Unfortunately, there is giant money in oil and gas so when you search online, many of the first articles that you see tell you why petrochemicals make our modern lifestyle "possible."


Great design goes way beyond bedding and wall color.  It encapsulates the needs of the girl who dreams, sleeps, and grows there.  It supports her changing emotions and grows with her ever evoloving needs.