Your daughter is looking to you for guidance but how do you help her trust herself and step into her authenticity when you are still working on yourself

Welcome to the podcast where you learn how to harness your unique style and go beyond the surface to design a home that reflects your magic, build a powerful bond between you and your daughter, and create healthy habits that propel you both toward your biggest dreams.

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Your daughter is looking to you for guidance but how do you help her trust herself and step into her authenticity when you are still figuring out yourself. Play trailer

Episode 01: The Treasure Hunt

Great design doesn't have to be expensive.  Today, I am letting you in on one of my secrets to creating a truly unique space. Read more.....

Episode 02: The Mother-Daughter Dynamic

Would you like to regret-proof your relationship with your daughter?  Do you want to nurture her creativity but struggle with her idea of "self-expression" and feel like it isn't the way you would do things?  Read more...

Episode 03: Color Psychology

Do you wish you knew how to use color as a tool to affect the way that you feel in your home?  Do you get frustrated when trying to pull together a color palette on your own?  Do you have a vision that you just can't quite achieve?  Read more...

Episode 04: The Jumping-Off Point

Have you ever struggled to get  started on an interior design project because there are so many directions you can go?  Or you don’t want to make a costly mistake? Read more...

Episode 05: Inspiration Guided Action

Does decision-making cause you anxiety? Do you tend to second guess yourself? Do you wonder if the decision is the "right" one? Read more...

Episode 06: Feel Your Best in Your Home

with Lea Pickard

What things are you bringing into your home that could be causing you to feel less than your best?  Or even worse, cause physical or emotional disruptions in your (or your daughter's) body? Read more...

Episode 07: Finding More Joy Through Celebration

By taking a deeper look at what celebration really is, you will uncover ways to enhance your life on a day-to-day basis. You will also find ways to help your daughters step into their authenticity and self-confidence.

Episode 08: The Art of Boundary Setting

with Nancy Levin 

Your emotional and physical health depends on YOU taking ownership of what YOU need. Best selling author Nancy Levin shares the how + why.  Read more...

Episode 09: How to Tackle Clutter with Lynne Niehaus

Both the physical + emotional clutter that our homes bring hold us back from stepping into our best selves. Read more...


Episode 10: Human Design with Emma Jensen

What can you learn about yourself, your home, how you function in it, and the people you live with through human design?  Read more...

Episode 011: Following Your Heart with Amy Neil

How do you learn to trust those intuitive nudges?  What messages from your heart could you be missing?  How does life shift when you trust?  Read more...

Episode 012:  Designing JOY with Jessica Velazquez

Interior design is about living in a home that brings you joy and inspires you. Contrary to popular belief, you can live in a home that you love without "being good at design" or having a large budget. Read more...

Episode 013: How to Bottle Your Magic

Some days are good.  Some days are not so good.  How do you tap into the goodness that seems elusive on those not so good days?


Episode 014: 6 Steps to Taking Full Advantage of Your Available Space

Whether the space that your are working on is large or small, you can improve the flow and function by taking these 6 Steps.

Read more....

Episode 015: Turning Strengths into Superpowers

How do you help your daughter see herself in her full light?  The easiest way is by helping her step into her "superpowers".  But 1st you need to step into your own.  I will guide you.  Read more...

Meet Lynne

Hi! I’m Lynne. I am an Interior Designer, intuitive, momma, wife, artist, molecular biologist, color specialist, bird watcher, and space coach. 

I believe that our hearts know the way to our best lives. The beauty and ease that we crave can be achieved when we dig back through the stories we believed growing up.  We can break the cycle of self-doubt by journeying back into our innate creativity.and nurturing the creative ideas fo our daughters.  Supporting those big dreams doesn't need to break the bank. 

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