What I Learned in a Year of Podcasting


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Break out the confetti!

It’s the one-year anniversary of the In Her Eyes podcast!

It has been a wild ride!

This week’s episode recaps the important lessons and insights that have come from a year of doing something that seemed barely conceivable when I set out on this journey.

I tell the story of how the podcast came into existence.

I share with you the most popular episode, which is also the most common cause of frustration when people are starting (or not starting) projects.  Did you guess it?

Most Listened to Episode 

The valuable gems of wisdom that transformed the way I think about the way I live and support my family:

                          Episode 006: Feel Your Best In Your Home with Lea Pickard

                          Episode 028: Emotional + Physical Empowerment through Essential Oils with Roxanne Foura

Through the course of the year, as I followed the guidance and wisdom in my path, along the hills and valleys of self-discovery.  I developed a deeper sense of understanding of what my innate gifts are and how I can use them to help others.  I learned to connect with myself using the extraordinary power of my own breath, allowing room for self-discovery.  I did the hard work of looking at where I was selling myself short by not setting firm boundaries.  And not truly embracing what I most desired.

                           Episode 020: Find Strength in Your Breath with Elisha Halpin

                           Episode 036: Opening the Door to Who You Really Are with Ingunn Yutterus

                           Episode 008: The Art Of Boundary Setting with Nancy Levin

                           Episode 011:Following Your Heart with Amy Neil 

An empowering new perspective on abundance (and money) was born as I chatted with the extraordinary Money Conciousness Coach, Jessica Marie. 

                          Episode 029: Money Magic with Financial Empowerment Coach with Jessica Marie 

The power of working within our Human Design, our cravings, and the cyclical nature of creation.

                          Episode 010: Human Design in Your Home + Relationships with Emma Jenson

                          Episode 043: Nourishment with Annie Wagoner

                          Episode 039: Shift in Perspective on How We Work with Lauren Roberts

And designing spaces that meet us where we are and propel us toward where we want to go.

                          Episode 012: Designing JOY on Any Budget with Jessica Valazquez

                          Episode 044: An Active + Beautiful Home is Possible with Performance Fabrics with    

                          Heather Rabold-Hill

I journeyed down the rabbit hole of color, in all its forms,  and discovered a rainbow of magic.  I saw firsthand its physical and emotional healing potential.  

I share the 3 biggest lessons that I learned by showing up, through disfunction, disorder, chaos, debilitating grief, wonder, joy, progress, discovery,

I would love to know yours! Share your favorite nuggets or the topics you would love to hear more about: CLICK HERE TO SHARE!

 It has been an honor to be on this journey with you!


Detoxification is the

shortest path to

a strong connection

with your intuition.

The In Her Eyes Podcast is 1-year old!

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“The people that teach you

unconditional love will never leave

you, even when they have

left this Earthly plane. They live in your heart.  But

you can only experience them

by loving yourself.”

                 -Lynne Niehaus


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