How to Tackle Clutter:


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Do you have areas in your home that always seem to collect clutter?  Do you find that despite the fact you have tried adding baskets or organizers to those spaces they still get messy?  Are there individual tasks that you, your kids, or your spouse seem to struggle with over and over?  Do you get frustrated?  Do they?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you will want to join in to hear the "Back to School Clutter Buster Workshop" that I share on the podcast.

It's easy to complain about them but taking decisive action can be much more rewarding.  

In the end, the action-taking gives you back time AS WELL AS the mental space to focus on more valuable thoughts!

Each year, we spend millions of dollars replacing things that we already own but simply can't find.  And the time wasted in looking for things is invaluable.  And can't be replaced.

The workshop was taught live and recorded.  Originally it was slated for 20 minutes, but there was so much goodness happening in the chat I wanted to make sure that everyone was clear on exactly HOW to take action on their problem areas.  As well as understand HOW to release the mental frustration that is attached to things that aren't working or taking up mental real estate.

By identifying areas in your home that aren't working as the source of frustration, and not the people, it is much easier to analyze those areas objectively and take the necessary action to transform them to accommodate your various needs.

I walk you through the reframes and mindset shifts that I have found that help me as well as my clients create more harmony and order within their homes.

I also guide you through the ways that you can help your daughters recognize their own needs for order and creative expression within their spaces.

I introduce you to the 3 strategies that you can employ from James Clear's book Atomic Habits that can be used in your design strategy to help you get better and more consistent results in your life.


  • how to rethink your "clutter zones"
  • how to identify if the way you think things "should" work, are really working
  • the mental reframes that get the results you want
  • what 3 strategies you can implement to make big shifts in your daily life
  • how digital tools can help with the mental clutter
  • why making things "work better" is more important than making them "look better"
  • outside the box organization strategies that can improve the ease and flow of how you and your family members function


  • Great design goes way beyond bedding and wall color. 
  • It encapsulates the needs of the girl who dreams, sleeps, and grows there. 
  • It supports her changing emotions and grows with her ever evoloving needs.