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NUMBERS---love them or hate them, they are EVERYWHERE!

My guest on this episode of the In Her Eyes podcast, is a Priestess of Numerology.

What does that even mean?

I have to admit that when I first heard of numerology, I was skeptical. It felt like one more modality assigning meaning to something arbitrary.

Yet I know exactly where I am in this present moment thanks to numbers.

-The time

-The year

-The month

-The day, including the date

-My location, longitude + latitude

My interview this week demystifies the field of numerology and explains it from a practical, mom's point of view.

Cassandra Ares is the owner of Cassandra Freya. She is a tattooed corporate Queen by day and a badass spirit intuitive by night. She is the Mama to a Fire Fairy, and serves by installing the frequency of Faith into one freedom seeker at a time!

Cassandra first reconnected with her intuition and faith in the Divine in 2009, right after a traumatic divorce that uprooted her life. Since then, she's been walking the talk by living through fear, trusting it's part of the process, and ending up at faith.

Cassandra, a Priestess Numerologist, has been a practicing intuitive guide and coach all her life, although she's been professionally coaching, channeling (think psychic medium), and creating numerology reports for her clients since 2021.

Cassandra believes that everyone has the innate ability to access their intuition and other gifts to create the most amazing human experience possible. She assists her clients by offering guidance as to how to reconnect and strengthen these gifts. All she asks is that they open the Divine Door.

Just like her 17-month-old daughter, this conversation is FIRE!

She shares how she uses the insight gained from her daughter's numerology chart to align with her toddler's needs.

She walks us through the different energy bodies and explains our hidden challenges and strengths.

When I first learned about "energy bodies" it didn't click.  Some of the descriptions aligned with my what I knew of the Chakra system, our body's energy centers.  But this understanding goes beyond that to describe how we, as human beings interact with others; seen, unseen, felt, and invisible to all senses.

To better understand the numerology reading that Cassandra did based on my birthdate, I had her explain what each of the energy body numbers represent.  I have listed them here for reference:

  1.  The Soul Body- the Beginning.  Where things are born from Source/God.
  2.  The Negative Mind/Self- the Manager + the Lover.  Where relationships live.  Where risk, thought, and logic live.
  3. The Positive Mind/Self- the Power Center.  Where getting your hands dirty in the action of creation lives.
  4. The Neutral Mind/Self- the Judge.  Where decision making + judgement lives.
  5. The Physical Body- the Portal for Manifestation.  
  6. The Arcline- the Intuitive, Holy Warrior.  Where intuition + justice for all lives.
  7. The Auric Body- emanating from the Crown Chakra.  Where our aura expands to interact with what lies beyond us.
  8. The Pranic Body- the Breath.  Where abundance originates through the breath.
  9. The Subtle Body- the Divine Feminine.  Where mystery + mastery lives.
  10. The Radiant Body- the Divine Masculine.  Where getting your hands dirty in the action of creation lives.

There are 5 numbers calculated from your birthdate.  Each number represents something that exists as either a challenge or a strength (or both) in this lifetime.

The 5 points:

  • Soul Number [Challenge]
  • Karma Number [Challenge]
  • Destiny [Strength]
  • Gift [Strength]
  • Path [Challenge to Strength]

reveal a lifetime (or more!) of information.

When you know your NUMBERS, you can take aligned action.

In relation to yourself and others.

Cassandra shared with us how she uses them to support her daughter, Freya who is a strong-willed and opinionated 17-month-old.  

I have never met Cass or her daughter in person.  We have only interacted digitally, on Zoom or the InterWebs.

Except for the 2 times that Freya visited me in my dreams.

She asked me to paint a picture that was unlike anything I had ever seen.  

So I did. 

It is a massive 36" square of energy and color.  

I painted it during the period when Cass was, unbeknownst to me, suffering from Postpartum Depression.  I had no idea at the time that she referred to her as a Fire Fairy.

Painting this piece taught me that what others thought of what I was painting didn't matter if I was painting from the place of Divine Inspiration.

As a recovering people pleaser, that's a hard thing to do!

And a lesson that I greatly appreciate.

This conversation was a powerful reminder that moving in alignment with the unseen is both Scary and Beautiful. 

We are lucky to have earthly guides, like Cassandra Ares, who can shepherd us safely from Fear to Faith- just like her own numerology instructs.

Not only does this episode help you unlock the wealth of information that is available to you, it also illustrates the strength of the bonds built within communities of a like-minded sisterhood.

You will love following Cass on Instagram.  (Links below)

And be sure to check out the amazing offers she has for our community! 





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“We find that in these rock-bottom, traumatic moments

that is where the beauty is,

that is where we find the faith.

-Cassandra Ares



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to soar.


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