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If you are looking to expand your journaling practice, feel stuck, or have yet to develop one; this episode is for you.

I find journaling to be the greatest gift I give to myself.

Gems of wisdom, symbols, poetry, understanding, clarity, and guidance all appear in the private pages of my musing.

I could certainly fill a book with the insights and revelations found in the pages of my journals, but it is also the safe space where I can ask myself why that is an avenue I have never taken.

In Her Eyes Podcast A Day In My Life - Episode 81

A page from my life

That pink text that you see in the corner was written many weeks, even months before I arrived on that page. That is from my process that I call “Future Self Journaling”. I am teaching that process in my monthly membership. In Her Eyes Podcast listeners can access the replay of this training here. (Link to replay page)

There is a reason the Julia Cameron’s brilliant book, The Artist’s Way, relies so heavily on the practice of journaling (or what she refers to as “the morning pages.”)

Julia Cameron The Artists Way - In Her Eyes Podcast Episode 81

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In this episode I guide you through the process of finding your journaling sweet spot.

I also share with you a bit of the poetry that appeared in my journal. In the page that I opened to, to share from, was one whereI was up in the middle of the night writing outside under a full moon. NOT something that happens often. It is what you see scribbled in the photo above.

As I glanced back down at the journal page, lying next to my notes, it was as if my sweet father-in-law’s voice came through and encouraged me to keep reading.
To share MORE.

While I can’t deny that some powerful veins have been opened up by journal prompts from other coaches and mentors that took me to a new place, most times I just write.

But I have found that different journal formats can be helpful.

Especially if you’re a newbie.

Here is the collaboration between author, Paolo Coehlo and artist, Catalina Estrada
Paulo Coehlo Force Diary - In Her Eyes Podcast Episode 81

My current obsession is this collection of leather bound journals from Italy offered by ImpressoLLC on Etsy.

My favorite pens are the Pental Energel ones because they don’t smudge, which is critical to us lefties. They come in a myriad of colors and feel great in your hand. And you can simply buy refills when the ink runs out! (links below)

Whatever it takes to get to your personal journal practice, I recommend that you start taking the steps. You will thank yourself for doing so!









"Why am I so afraid of my Light?
As I sit in darkness + write:
Who knows me here?



-Lynne Niehaus


"The night is young, my love.
There is more daring to do."

-Lynne Niehaus


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