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To kick off Season 4 of the In Her Eyes podcast, we begin the journey of self-discovery and the process of tapping into the power our TRUE SELVES.

I have the PERFECT person to bring that conversation to you this week.

Ironically, much of our conversation revolves around the beauty of IMPERFECTION, and the lessons that it teaches us about BEAUTY, HARMONY, and the activation of SELF-LOVE.

Ebonie Allard is a modern Mystic, a Misfit turned Maven, an Award-winning Master Coach, an Author, Artist, and Speaker.

Professionally: She’s the creator of The Misfit to Maven Way, The Value Filter™ system, and ‘This Sacrosanct Life Podcast.’

Using a wide range of both ancient and modern Alchemy practices she facilitates Self Actualisation in self-selected weirdos and neurodivergent beings. Her work is specifically focused on empowerment, embodiment & full self-expression. She shares her wisdom in online courses, intimate retreats, and bespoke 1:1 experiences.

Personally: She's a pussycat slash mermaid - when she’s not working you’ll find her splashing about in the sea, curled up in a sunny spot, or off chasing a rainbow.

In this episode, Ebonie takes us on a beautiful journey from the awkward little girl who didn't fit in to a woman who lives each day in JOY as a full expression of herself.  

She shares with us how each level of deeper understanding of herself, her passions, and the world around led her to the creation of a home that supports her.  Ebonie describes her own space as one woven together through form and function to meet all of her needs, beautifully.  Her intentionality of each space is an inspiring lesson that we can all use to take action on our own spaces.

She describes, in detail, the daily ritual she uses to activate her Magical Essence.  The power and alignment it brings her. And we discuss how sharing it with the young girls in our lives empowers them to express their own authenticity.

We cover so much:

  • How ART became a transformative and directive instrument in her life
  • How the layers of belief get in our way of just creating for pleasure
  • What does being a Manifesting Generator bring to the creative process?
  • How a search to fit in led to a greater understanding of herself + the BEAUTY of her expressiveness
  • What role Human Design plays in the journey
  • How to make "sacred" spaces, visually + practically
  • What role seasonal living plays in aligned living
  • How to apply her tool "The Value Filter" to begin a pathway to a joy-driven life
  • What the ripple effects of living authentically can be
  • How to use all 5 senses to activate your own MAGICAL ESSENCE

This episode is filled with golden nuggets of wisdom of living life in JOY.  

We tend to forget the infectiousness and ripple effect that being around someone who is living in their essence and authenticity can have.

Can simply living as OURSELVES, in our true nature change the WORLD? ( I like to think so!)

Simply is probably the wrong word here.  Society certainly doesn't make it easy.

But the powerful reframes offered up in this episode provide the courage we all need to take those first steps.

Ebonie's GRATITUDE REFRAME was a massive A-HA moment for me.

Listen to a quick snippet here:








"But it's the IMPERFECTION

that creates the beauty.

And art is healing for me,

Because I have to remind myself of that everyday."

-Ebonie Allard






When I express my true nature, others see me as the beautiful, unique flower that I am.




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Book Recommendation:

Embark on a transformative journey with Presence by Lisa Lister, as she guides you to confidently express yourself, reclaim power, and fearlessly own your space.

Crystals to Work With:

Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Selenite to ignite and strengthen the divine feminine.

Color to Work With:

Golden Light

Chakra to Work With:

The Sacral (2nd) Chakra, 2-3 finger widths below your navel

Celestial Insights: Exploring the Mysteries of the Moon

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Waxing Crescent

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Experience the transformative energy of this year's summer solstice, as it brings a refreshing wave of vitality to your life. Embrace the opportunity for rebalancing and releasing accumulated winter energies.

Today marks the start of Cancer season! As this water sign takes center stage, anticipate a period characterized by dreaminess, creativity, emotional depth, and empathetic connections.

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