Creativity as Spirituality


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Have you ever wondered what it really means to be inspired?

What does spirituality mean?  

How can something “out there” and communal (spirituality) become something “inside of us” and deeply personal.  

And unique.  

My guest this week is Raine Dawn Valentine.

Raine Dawn Valentine has taught middle school art for 15 years and is an adjunct instructor at Notre Dame of Maryland University. She is a member of the Turtle Mountain Tribe of Chippewa in North Dakota and is rooted in her tribe’s traditional spiritual practices.

Raine is an intuitive Spiritual teacher and creative arts director who pulls from her Native American lineage to facilitate a space for all to connect with their higher selves. Art is a powerful tool, not just for gratification of self-expression, but as a vehicle of personal and collective transformation. Art is Prayer, a sacred and vital discovery of one’s own special presence in the world. Through creation, a person illuminates and illustrates their inner being, while creating something which also stands separate. Through exploration and experimentation, each of us can shine light on our inner world, allowing us to utilize expression as a means of healing and remembering we are all connected.

Raine and I delve into the captivating connection between creativity and spirituality, we discover how these two powerful forces beautifully intertwine. An incredibly powerful and inspiring discussion.

I am thrilled to share our conversation because Raine is not only a gifted artist, but she is committed to teaching. Her extraordinary knowledge on this subject because of her traditional, evangelical upbringing, in combination with her Native American heritage make her the perfect guest for this week’s topic!

I hope when you are listening to this you are able to feel the same warm light she brings to her teaching style.

Even though she was raised in what she refers to as “Americanized Native Culture” with a combination of dreamcatchers and John Wayne posters, she found her way back to her own native roots.  

You will discover how Raine’s spiritual path and her personal journey finally aligned with her education and art teaching experience. 
We discuss how your life paths can run parallel to each other for years, until finally intertwining and bringing you harmony. 

Contrary to what you might think, it was her Tribal teachings that gave deeper meaning to Biblical teachings of her youth. Giving her a more complete understanding of the movement of energy and spirit, and how everything on the Earth has its own living spirit-its own vibrational energy. 

She shares with us a touching story of her father telling her to reach her fingers out as they drive under the power lines. Reaching out for the change in electricity. Teaching her to bring her awareness to the vibrational shifts around her. 

She now brings spiritual awareness to children in classrooms as well, and their ability to know themselves. 

Raine Dawn Valentine and Daughter at Art class - episode 89 In Her Eyes

Becoming aware of your synchronicities, listening more and being more mindful of your own self and who you are and what you want to offer the world is some of the deepest and most difficult work. However, uncovering those details and your deepest truths can bring you immense joy and alignment when you understand all of those pieces intertwining. 

We discuss the parallel between art and our understanding of what is beyond us.
You cannot see the light without the shadow. 

In art, you cannot have a 3 dimensional piece without using the darkest color and the lightest color possible. We discuss how in life, you must have duality as well. 

Everything is energy. Everything vibrates at an energetic frequency. 
Everything around you was created, at some point, by an artist. 

What IS art? What does art mean to you?

We cover SO many things:

  • The parallels between cultures and religions all over the world. 
  • What it means to be a visionary, and how we use our imagination to create our reality.
  • How spirituality is the seed of your emotions and character.
  • The power of opening yourself up to the creative process.
  • How we can sometimes think we are powerless, when we are in fact so powerful.
  • The power of bringing mindfulness into the creative process. As well as the openness to intuitively listening. 
  • Understanding the innate processes we need to learn from someone else, that establish the movement into a confident skill.
  • The growth mindset of accepting that the challenge you're facing is a positive thing because you're learning more about yourself and your journey is about learning all that you can. The power of perspective.
  • The concept of heritage and what it brings to your core values and what you share with the world.
  • The shift in your life that you experience by existing in a state of gratitude. 

Reflection is necessary. Let go of the idea that you need things to be perfect.

Perspective is everything. The idea of having multiple mindsets means you have a 360 degree view of reality. Seeing the totality of the experience. 

Opening us up to be able to listen to others and feeling understood, brings us a much more beautiful view and connection with others. 

Discover how each interaction with someone else is a connection with yourself and the universe. 

Focusing on connection and gratitude, Raine’s wise perspective and reframe sent chills down my spine! 

You have the power to change the WORLD. To change your environment through visualization and the expression of your love. 

The powerful stories and perspectives you will hear in this episode will give you the strength and the opportunity to shift your mindset into a state of gratitude.

To change your world.
And the world around you.





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"Art is Prayer,

a sacred and vital discovery of one’s own

remarkable presence in the world.

Through creation,

a person illuminates and illustrates
their inner being,

while creating something which also stands separate."



-Raine Dawn Valentine






Through exploration and
experimentation, I can shine
light on my inner world, to
utilize expression as a means
of healing and remembering
we are all connected.




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