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How do we transform our homes into the Fall Festiveland that our hearts are calling out for, but still support our bodies?

In this episode, we will look at 4 different areas to target your seasonal preparations. Plus, you will discover tips to shield yourself and your children from unnecessary anxiety, seasonal allergies and back-to-school germs.

When we think about autumn, and what it symbolizes in our homes, everything you do to prepare for the upcoming season can support you and your home. 
Make you feel more grounded and connected to the earth.
Supporting your body, emotional needs, and spiritual needs.

Our bodies yearn to stay in rhythmic harmony with everything going on around us. 

The autumnal colors of red, oranges, yellows, and browns also relate to the main energy centers that need to be supported this time of year: the lower three chakras. 

In the design world, reds, oranges, and yellows are also considered “warm” colors because of the wavelength they project. You experience the physical warming affect emotionally and mentally, whether you realize it or not.

Brown is very grounding, which can reconnect you to your source energy. Grounding takes you out of  your head, and your thoughts, which can produce anxious feelings, overwhelm, frustration, etc.

Bringing seasonal colors into our homes goes beyond aesthetic value.
Herbs, spices, fall smells and flavors can create those same feelings of homeyness and comfort. AND KEEP YOU HEALTHIER!

As we search for and try to recreate those feelings, we often resort to traditional decorating techniques that can actually exacerbate those unwanted sicknesses, weakened immune systems, and allergies. 

The number one culprit is artificial fragrances! 

Paraffin is made from petroleum.  It pollutes the air in your home, damaging sensitive lung tissue.  And the fragrances are chemicals that disrupt both your nervous system and your endocrine system, or hormones.

Not only does it severely weaken your immune system and ability to fight off infections, they can shift your emotional strength. Which can directly impact your body's response.
Our bodies were not built to be able to handle these artificial scents. 

How do we get those delicious fall smells though? 

Essential oils are an amazing opportunity to create those delicious smells, but also create harmony that your body is yearning for. 
Our bodies are already struggling to keep up and maintain their defenses and immune response.

I have spent the past nearly two decades trying all kinds of oil combinations and companies to find the safest and most effective kinds. 

The most protective oil blend for this season is ofter referred to as a “Thieves'' concoction. It dates back to the 14th century and the days of bubonic plague. It is a blend of 5 oils that will feel very familiar to you this time of year!

  1. Cinnamon Bark
  2. Clove
  3. Wild Orange or Lemon {citrus oils with a high limonene content}
  4. Eucalyptus
  5. Rosemary 

All of these oils combined create a wonderful spicy aroma, but they also have the ability to strengthen your natural immunity while fighting off the invaders that cause illness. Think of it like bringing in a reinforcement team!

Cinnamon and clove oils are powerfully antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal.   It is no wonder that our bodies crave them this time of year. They are warming oils to our body which can stimulate our immune system, but also comforts and nourishes our body so that it has a healthy and appropriate response more frequently. 

Of all the combinations that I have tried, I have found the DoTerra “On-Guard Blend” to be the most protective, versatile, and supportive. It is one of the few that can be taken internally as well as diffused aromatically and used topically.

Any way in which you can bring those aromas in, that does not involve artificial (scented room sprays that you're purchasing at the grocery store) can further the harmony within our bodies.
A diffuser is a great option to get those oils into the air in a way that is helping you versus harming you physically.

By opting for design accessories made of natural fibers, like cotton, linen, raw wood, hand-thrown pottery and bamboo, you will boost the natural homeyness of your decor.  While they can be a little bit more expensive or their colors aren't even as bright, you'll have that ability to absorb many of the toxins that are in the air so they're not going into your body. 

Avoid Polyester which contain PFC’s (per- and poly-fluorinated chemicals) because those weaken your already stressed immune system and exacerbate disease and illness.

There's SO many easy ways that you can just add a splash of color, from Pottery on the counter holding a bowl of apples, to picking up some cotton or linen fabric and letting your kids paint or design something that you can use as a new throw pillow! GET CREATIVE!

You don't have to go out and buy something new.

By adding the colors that make your home shine this season, you are supporting your body, you are supporting your children's health, and bringing fresh energy into your home and preparing for this seasonal transition..





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"Reds, oranges, and yellows support our 3 lower chakras
which is what our bodies need this time of year.

-Lynne Niehaus

I am in harmony with the Earth
which supports and strengthens
me during this pivotal time. 


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Book Recommendation:

Ayurveda Beginner's Guide: Essential Ayurvedic Principles and Practices to Balance and Heal Naturally by Susan Weis-Bohlen: 

Discover the potential of Ayurveda to unlock transformation on your path to a healthier state of mind, body, and spirit.

Crystals to Work With:

Moss Agate:

Autumn is a time that reminds us of the earth. Of the shifting leaves and the crisp fall air. Moss agate is one of the best stones to complement this time of year due to its earthy nature.
This stone also inspires a sense of hope, as well as trust in the universe.

Color to Work With:


Nurture yourself. Orange has the ability to increase your happiness and and confidence. It assists in the treatment of colds, asthma, inflammation, and depression. It boosts your immune system. And awakens your creative energy.

Chakra to Work With:

 The lower 3 (root, sacral, and solar plexus):

Ground and stabilize yourself coming into this change of season by bring the fall colors into your home to support your lower 3 Chakras.

Celestial Insights: Exploring the Mysteries of the Moon

Waning Crescent Phase

"What does this mean for me?"

As the full moon retreats, our attention shifts inward, nurturing moments of introspection and deep contemplation. The waning phase gently guides us to redirect our energies towards self-reflection and personal growth. Embracing the tranquility, we find it crucial to celebrate our accomplishments and acknowledge our strengths. Ultimately, the spiritual essence of the waning crescent resides in fostering a profound connection with oneself, nurturing a sense of renewal and heightened consciousness as we anticipate the emergence of the new moon.

Waning Crescent

"What else is happening?"

With the Sun, Mercury, and Pallas Athena in Virgo, it's a time for sorting and deciding what to keep and what to let go of in our lives. Think of it as cleaning out your closets, clearing your mind, and making room for new opportunities.

The retrograde planets, including Uranus and Jupiter, encourage us to slow down, revisit the past, and cherish our friendships. Mercury remains in retrograde until September 15, making us more aware of disruptions in our daily routines. However, these disruptions can sometimes lead to positive outcomes.

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  • Great design goes way beyond bedding and wall color. 
  • It encapsulates the needs of the girl who dreams, sleeps, and grows there. 
  • It supports her changing emotions and grows with her ever evoloving needs.