Learning to Love Yourself Through Movement


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Loving yourself is a journey.  What if there is a way to connect to that love daily? 

My guest on this week’s episode has transformed the experience and trauma from her own journey in the highly competitive world of dance into a method that we can

Explore our deeply embedded trauma,
And step into a deeper love and appreciation for our own bodies–and ourselves.

It’s called Somatic Movement.
It's about embracing the language of your body, listening to it’s desires, and allowing the wisdom to guide you. 

There is so much wisdom that's innately in the body.

Alana Melene Williamson grew up in Boyertown, PA, starting her dance training at age 11. She trained exclusively in ballet. She completed her Bachelor’s in Dance at Kutztown University where she was awarded the Deane Lenhart Scholarship for Excellence in Dance, named Advanced Ballet Assistant and Performing Dance Portmanteau Company Member. While at Kutztown she performed works by Lily Cai, Paul Taylor, Philadanco and River North Dance Chicago. Alana trained extensively in NYC with David Howard, Kathryn Sullivan, Jana Hicks, Wilhelm Burmann, Max Stone, Lisa Lockwood, Debbie Roshe, David Leventhal, Mark Morris and Ashley Tuttle.

Professional credits include: Assistant Choreographer at the 80th Annual Academy Awards; Dancer and model for MTV’s “Search for the next Elle Woods”; Two time New York Fashion Week Choreographer; Guest Dancer with Heidi Latsky Dance Company; and Company Apprentice with Mark Morris Dance Group. Her work has been commissioned and performed at Steps on Broadway, The Fringe Festival and National Taipei University. Additionally, receiving nationally recognized choreographic distinction awards. Alana is also a guest artist at various dance programs along the East Coast.

She holds her MFA in Dance from Temple University where she was awarded a Terminal Master’s Project Completion Grant as well as the 2018 recipient of the Rose Vernick Artistic Transformation Award. For 8 consecutive semesters, Mrs. Williamson was on faculty at Northampton Community College teaching ballet, modern, jazz and improvisational technique, theory as well as directed the biannual Student Dance Showcase; before starting her own business as a somatic embodiment mentor. Currently she resides in the Poconos, PA with her husband and two sons where she teaches dance and continues to build upon her somatic movement work through facilitation at live and virtual events.

Alana's journey with dance began at just 6 years old, starting with ballet and nurturing dreams of becoming a ballerina. She took a courageous leap from a tiny Pennsylvania town to the metropolis of New York, driven by her passion for dance, and remarkably found herself choreographing the Oscars within a mere 8 months.

Her journey to the city was propelled by the push to step into the unknown. Often, it's the fear of stagnation that motivates us to take those bold steps. In the face of uncertainty, we can find inspiration.

An inspiring perspective on the world!

After a decade of professional dancing, Alana's path reached a crossroads: continue with her current company or return home for much-needed rest and care. She shares her battle with an eating disorder, an issue far too prevalent in fields like dance and modeling.

Somatic movement emerged as her guiding light during her recovery journey.

You might already be wondering, what is the difference between dance and somatic movement?

Somatic movement may have originated as a rebellion against dance and what we imagine dance to be. 

In choreographed dance on stage, there is no wiggle room for the dancers to improvise. Every movement is planned ahead, far in advance.

Somatic movement IS improvisation. 

Alana’s 3 step process includes:

  1. Guiding through a deeply meditative visualization with the goal of letting go of your analytical mind and letting memories rise up
  2. Identifying where those memories reside and allowing yourself to move in a way that allows them to surface and be expressed.
  3. Reflection on what came up through writing or speaking.

Both Alana and I firmly believe trauma resides in the body. True healing requires confronting the roots of our struggles and asking, "Why? Where does this come from?"

Most of us, unknowingly, live trapped in cycles and loops of trauma.

The groundwork for Alana’s somatic movement journey began when she was teaching dance. Sharing trauma stories, fostering body connection, healing, and empowerment were woven into the teaching. Transcending the movement, their focus became being witnessed in your healing journey. The vibrational frequencies became healing not only for the dancers, but for the audience as well. 

Before our conversation, I felt energetically drawn to my oracle cards. The result being the perfect addition to this week's episode, I was compelled to share my findings with my community and my audience.

  Broken Open Oracle Card-In Her Eyes Podcast episode 92From Oracle of the 7 Energies by Colette Barron-Reid
Card #28: Broken Open
“Yet it's not the pain or loss itself that must be the focus of your attention here. No, not even the story of what happened, the details surrounding what has brought you to your knees, is as important as what results from the experience… Love the you that is the result of being broken open by life's challenges and lessons.”

Alana shares with us her approach to work-life balance, using dance to manage anger and channel her artistry. Finding balance allows her to fully engage with her children. She's even introduced her young boys to somatic movement, observing their fearless embodiment of movement.

Somatic movement is about finding what works for YOU!
And being brave enough to witness the process.

Don't be intimidated by the word "dance." We are all dancers, inherently celebrating through movement.

This conversation held a treasure trove of beautiful insights. During it, I was reminded of the importance of seeking out moments in life, simple moments, where you can tune into your body's desires. Allow yourself to do something entirely uncharacteristic, something that deviates from your usual movements, and observe the possibilities that unfold. Avoid resisting it! The greatest challenge lies in embracing these intuitive nudges our bodies send us, surrendering to them, and allowing our movements to flow. 

My friend, this week I encourage you to find time to move your body. Move in ways that your body has not experienced since it was a very little body.





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"Somatic movement IS improvisation.
Guiding through a deeply meditative
visualization with the goal of letting
go of your analytical mind and
tapping into that intuitive space
to connect it to the body.

-Alana Williamson








I move my body to release the
emotional trauma and thoughts
that do not serve me.






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Book Recommendation:

The Gift: Poems by Hafiz the Great Sufi Master by Daniel Landisky:

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Color to Work With:


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Chakra to Work With:


Serves as our center of love for oneself and others, compassion, empathy and forgiveness. It is the source of deep and profound truths that cannot be expressed in words.

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