How to Clean with ADHD 


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Have you ever started to clean the powder room and then 2 hours later you found yourself on a different floor, pictures off the wall, the bed stripped, a hammer in one hand, and a computer in your lap with the Amazon tab open and it's 4 minutes until you have to leave to pick up the kids?

Welcome to my Monkey Brain!

Or maybe, one of your kids exhibits this behavior?

This episode will help you turn your magical Monkey Brain into a productivity powerhouse!

At least in spurts.

When you live in a state of ongoing construction it's hard to feel like everything is completely done or completely clean, or simply to relax in the energy of a space that feels supported because its so easy to always look for what’s wrong.

Did you know dust can accumulate negative energy too? 

Think of the last time you walked into a freshly clean space, and the powerful energetic shift you felt in the room. 

The air feels lighter.


We all know how amazing it feels to enter into that!

The process of cleaning, as well as setting intention to refresh the space, can initiate a powerful energetic shift.

As a Manifesting Generator, it is nearly impossible to focus on one task. And that's how I am designed. My Human Design that is.

It's how I am able to envision an entire space or project in one instant. 

Thinking big, and bold, and creative is what I am designed to do.

Whenever I'm in active mode and physically doing something I'm not as likely to run off on a tangent somewhere else. However, the act of completion is something I often struggle with.

This makes the simple "to do's" nearly impossible or feel constrictive and icky, so a system is the key.

In this episode, I give you the exact steps you need (or can teach your child) to work with that delightful expansive brain and GET THINGS DONE!

Remember to check in with yourself (or your child) periodically throughout the steps mentioned to make sure you are aligned with your time frame and what is important to your end result.

I will walk you through the process I took in order to visualize the space clean and tidy, and the motivation it gave me to complete all of the steps and move onto the next set of tasks.

If what you have been trying to do in the past wasn't working, I am giving you permission to try something else.

I give them to you in a way that you can tailor to your or your child's needs. To feel accomplished.

And build confidence! Moving away from your limiting beliefs-which are what really hold you back from what you want.

Is there a particular struggle in your own home that you cant find your way out of?

After listening to this weeks episode, are you able to look at your space in a new way? Or find a healing pathway? Feel free to share your new outlook on your space, any of your other experiences, or tips and tricks, with our community by following the link below.





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"The objective of cleaning is not just to clean,
but to feel happiness living within that environment."

-Marie Kondo







I can be productive
and expansive at
the same time.






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Book Recommendation:

Atomic Habits by James Clear provides a proven framework to improve daily, offering practical strategies to form good habits, break bad ones, and master small behaviors that lead to remarkable results, reframing your approach to progress and success.

Crystals to Work With:

Clear Quartz: Amplifies your thought processes, providing clarity and insight into challenging situations. It aids in organizing thoughts and supports the successful completion of projects.

Color to Work With:

White and Gold 

Gold inspires confidence.  Visualizing a spiral white and gold light swirling around you in Step 1 of the process  will you override those ingrained beliefs and begin to feel empowered.

Chakra to Work With:

The Solar Plexus

The Energy Center of DOING- housed 2 finger widths above your navel, the 3rd Chakra loves to take action.  Direct that action by placing your hand over this area and taking a few slow, deep-belly breaths focus on the rise and fall of your hand as you breath in and out.

Celestial Insights: Exploring the Mysteries of the Moon

Waning Crescent Phase

"What does this mean for me?"

The Waning Crescent moon phase represents a shift and an opportunity for personal change. It serves as a call to action, encouraging us to focus on our goals and take positive steps towards them. During this phase, it is crucial to acknowledge our role in our actions and decisions, all while celebrating achievements, nurturing rest, and embracing the opportunities and changes that arise.

Waning Crescent

"What else is happening?"

This week offers a mellow sky, providing an opportunity to appreciate the slower pace of life. However, it's important to stay attentive to the signs and messages that come our way. Mercury's activity indicates a surge of communication, and by carefully decoding the messages received, we can unlock answers and navigate intense interactions with authority or family figures.

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