The Stories That Shape Us



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Are your own stories holding you back?

We all have stories.

We are a species of stories.  It's how we bond.

They define us individually, locally, regionally, ethnically, culturally, socially, and nationally.

We can tell our most remarkable stories in our sleep. (Or heavily intoxicated.  Those stories can go viral. 😉)

Have you ever stopped to think which parts of your stories you might be emphasizing and how that may affect your personal growth.  Your stuckness.  Your tendency to repeat the same patterns.

➡ Are you dwelling on the victim or the victor?

➡ The mayhem or the magic?

➡ The disaster or the Divine?

As humans, we have a natural propensity to bonding over our struggles and our tragedies.

And what about those unconscious stories, the ones engraved in our persona that we fail to question their truth.  They have been with us for as long as we remember.  Those stories are the ones that can create the bars on the cages of our self-sabotage and struggle.

They usually start with the words : I am or I have.

Those are the dangerous stories.  

It takes courage to look at them.  It takes even more courage to rewrite them or

(GULP) let them go.


In this episode, I guide you through the process of:

  • Discovering your unconscious stories.
  • Evaluating their origins and their place in who you want to become.
  • Finding the highlight moments of Divine Guidance interwoven in the low lights that we cling to.
  • Hovering above to shift perspective.
  • Unlocking the power of the rewrite and/or letting go all together.

You don't want to miss the story of the Mythological Phoenix rising from the ashes as told by the Eyewitness Breaking News cast!

When you keep telling the story,

you are continually rubbing grit

in the original wound. 

-Colette Baron-Reid


  • Accountability check: share your stories that you are choosing to let go of in the In Her Eyes Forum as the first step to transformation


You have the capacity

within YOU

for your own


                                         - Lynne Niehaus 


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