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What do Shamanism and Energetics have to do with everyday life in a modern world?

How does the ancient wisdom of shamanism and the modern practice of energy healing transform your well-being? 

What if it can empower you to create a life of balance and harmony?

Our beliefs shape our physical well being. Our physical health. 

We think of our beliefs as something we store up in our head. Like a computer processor, activating and accessing it when we need to. 

You have the ability to create the world around you.
You have the ability to take charge and control the world inside of you. 

We have the capacity to reprogram ourselves into a state of physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Which is why I have the perfect guest this week to explore this subject. 

Sarah Beth Green is a shamanic energy healer at the Yarning Shaman who works with individuals who want to unlock and understand their own individual gifts and energy body and connect more deeply with indigenous wisdom.

Sarah believes knitting together our own wisdom and intuition allows people to live in greater abundance and grace. We are all connected, part of the fabric of the earth, woven together as mind, body, and spirit.

Sarah studied and later worked at the Four Winds Society, founded by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. There, she completed an in-depth shamanic training program and assisted at workshops, deepening her own natural gifts, abilities, and personal medicine. Sarah now helps individuals and groups along their own healing paths.

During her practice of over a decade, she published an energy medicine workbook for children, studied Healing Touch, and the healing of childhood trauma and addiction.

Outside of her passion for her work, Sarah is an avid knitter and mother of four. She is a former foster parent for both domestic and refugee children.

In this episode, we dive deep into how our beliefs and our thoughts are stored in places in our bodies and not our minds.

Through developed practices, healing meditations, she is able to connect with energy and manipulate, move, and clear to evaluate each individual and assign them the homework and tasks to begin a journey of healing. 

While traditional “talk therapy” can be helpful, energy healing can go much deeper, beyond the scope of what you currently recognize.  And can speed up the healing process.

It gives  people the gift of understanding WHY something is happening.  
Calming the nervous system by finding where the trauma lives in your body, removing it, and finding freedom. 

Paying attention to the energetics in our homes and in our bodies is so important. 

In this conversation, Sarah shares with us her beliefs that each person is a deeply intuitive being, even if we’re not always paying attention. She shares with us her methods for exploration to help you see yourself and your surroundings more objectively.

It is important to acknowledge that our needs change, in both spaces and our energetics, as we move through different phases of our lives. 

Filling our homes with natural fibers, handmade pieces, and non-toxic materials is infinitely more sustainable than we might realize. Our children are much more earth-bound and grounded than we might think and it's our responsibility to surround them with elements and materials that can support their bodies and minds and energy. 

We have become a disposable society. In thinking that we get tired of things, we exacerbate those longing feelings of wanting to be complete and feel full.

How can we find value within ourselves when we surround ourselves with things we plan to dispose of in a few months or years?

Traditionally, we are born with this feeling of needing to serve a purpose, without even consciously knowing it. 

Those feelings can often be poured into surrounding ourselves with stuff and experiences.
Feeling restlessness in your soul.
Searching for the calming of your nervous system. 

Constantly pushing against the traditional beliefs of what a shaman “should” look like, act like, or perform their services, Sarah continues to push the narrative of energy healers still being human. Needing to rest and heal before those energetic transfers can happen. 

She shares with us her parenting approach, the ways in which that approach has changed over time, and the joys of spending time with her adult children. Something that I believe all the mothers of grown children can agree on being the most beautiful feeling. 

Bridging the realms of shamanism, energy healing, and everyday life can hold the key to transforming your well being in every aspect. 

My friend, please remember that we are worthy of pure, whole health. Our illness and our struggles and our obstacles do not define us, but that beautiful light from which we emanate from is our worthiness, where we find strength and self-love and over encompassing love.





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"Energy healing is identifying where in the body
our experiences are stored, on a cellular level,
and knowing how to clear those from our bodies.

-Sarah Beth Green



When I pay attention to myself and my surroundings, I received the clues
that I may have been missing. 


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Book Recommendation:

The Soul of Money by Lynne Twist:

Explore the dynamics of our connection with finances, gain insights, and through an evaluation of our core human values, align this connection with our desired goals.

Crystals to Work With:

 Pink Lemurian Quartz:

It is a great healer in that it is capable of revitalizing your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual planes. The stone acts as a cleanser for the soul and in turn, enhances psychic abilities, aids in concentration, and improves memory. All in all, the crystal brings the body back into balance by creating harmony amongst the chakras and aligning the spiritual body.

Color to Work With:


Pink is the energy of unconditional love. It opens the heart and helps it heal through its unique ability to release emotional problems and let go of old patterns.

Chakra to Work With:


By strengthening your root chakra, you will feel supported in whatever actions you are taking, feeling safe to proceed.

Celestial Insights: Exploring the Mysteries of the Moon

New Moon Phase

"What does this mean for me?"

The arrival of the new moon's darkness offers an opportunity for introspection and exploration of the hidden aspects of life. Frequently linked with feminine energies, its spiritual importance encourages mindfulness. Embrace the current instant to delve into your deepest dreams and authentic goals. Approach this period with a calm purpose and consciousness, granting yourself the space to relax. Venture outside, absorb the energy of the new moon, and fully embrace the mystique of the night. Observe the stars that become visible when the moon retreats into shadow.

New Moon

"What else is happening?"

Amidst the changing seasons and celestial events, it's time to reflect and prepare. This last week of Mercury's retrograde in Virgo urges caution, as chaos may arise. Focus on what truly liberates you and consider releasing what no longer serves. Embrace critical thinking but avoid unnecessary self-criticism.

The weekend begins with a nurturing Cancer Moon, fostering a sense of safety and home reflection. A lively Leo Moon follows, encouraging social connections but also potential drama. Stay adaptable and solution-oriented in this dynamic week ahead.

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