What Is a Design Shaman?


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Do you have a dream for yourself, your home, or your family unit that seems far off?
Do the circumstances in your life make it feel next to impossible?
Could it even be so “crazy” that you are afraid to say it out loud?

What if speaking that dream quietly to the wind is the beginning of its formation in the reality that you know?

Does that change the action/actions that you take? Today? Tomorrow?

In this episode, I share with you my personal journey of tapping into my own soul-led gifts and vision: the process of becoming “The Design Shaman.”

Last year, I began to experience an extraordinary call to connect to nature on a deeper level.  As I did, I began to see parallels between the messages that we learn from our Earth Mother, the healing practices of wise women and men around the globe, and the intuitive practices that I use in helping clients achieve their dream spaces.

This journey went far beyond a rebranding of my business and offerings: the original purpose of this inquiry.

It was transformational on every level of my being:
Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual

As a result, it created a shift in the way that I show up for the people in my life. From clients, to family, to friends.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Where it came from.
  • What the word “Shaman” really means.
  • How it applies to creating homes, lives, and spaces we dream into being
  • How the design process can be healing on every level 
  • Where we can go from here 
  • How you can begin to shift your perspective and see your dreams come to life by using these ancient principles

Parts of this journey may sound a little kooky.  I had to get okay with that.  Which wasn’t nearly as easy as it sounds.  

It took me some time to begin to speak these things out loud.  

But there is power in voicing your discoveries
And your dreams
Even if it’s only to the wind.

I hope that my story inspires and enlightens your path forward. It is meant to help you begin to see your truth and how to step into it. 
To sculpt the life you dream of.

Here is a powerful exercise that can assist you on your own journey:
Break out of the “When…then” constriction that keeps you from what you really want.

I hear it so often, in so many different forms, from clients:

When the kids are older, we can actually have a better sofa.
When we have a bigger house, I will have a kitchen I love.
When I ___________________, then I will___________________.

This sneaky phrase of false belief can infect every area of our lives: turning our wistful daydreams into living nightmares.

Right now, you can begin your own transformation process.  Fill in the blanks below to discover three core agreements that you have made with yourself and that need to be broken today.
When I  ___________________, then I will___________________.
When I  ___________________, then I will___________________.
When I ___________________, then I will___________________.

Now cross off the beginning of each sentence so that they each now read: “I will ___________.”

We have been conditioned to sit so deeply in the “when I” energy, that we can’t see the possibility of now.

And now is all that there ever is.
Living in “the now” feels irresponsible at first.  It is contrary to the way that most of us were raised.  

But possibility ONLY EXISTS in the now.

I will share with you my 3 from my journey.

When I  finish up my current projects, then I will have time to create.
When I get my house completely decorated, then I will be fulfilled.
When I  am making 20K per month, then I will be legitimate.

Now my truth reads:

I will have time to create.
I will be fulfilled.
I will be legitimate.

Since creating this shift in perception, new opportunities have been opening every day.

Please give this a try.  It can be YOUR jumping off point.

You will be on your own path to transformation!
And living your beautiful dream.

Head over to the Community Page and share your new truth with other like-hearted individuals so that we can cheer each other on.  An even more powerful action, than speaking it to the wind.





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"When you dream the world into being,
you do so one level above the one
in which the problem was created."
-Alberto Villoldo

When I hold a sacred dream,
the Universe supports me and actively conspires on my behalf to make the impossible doable.

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Book Recommendation:

Dive into the sacred world of shamanism, revealing the ancient practices. The Heart of the Shaman by Alberto Villoldo shares timeless teachings, guiding readers to forge a sacred dream, break free from the nightmares of love, death, and safety, and ultimately create a new world filled with beauty, healing, and boundless freedom.

Crystals to Work With:

Charoite: Brings order to chaotic thoughts, strengthens trust in Divine timing, and reassures you that you're where you need to be.
Labradorite: Uncovers your true essence, increases awareness of synchronicity as co-creation, and encourages aligned action from inner guidance.

Color to Work With:

Soft Red-Violet: a warm, nurturing energy to help you move out of stagnation

Chakra to Work With:

The Root (First Chakra)

Celestial Insights: Exploring the Mysteries of the Moon

Waxing Gibbous Phase

"What does this mean for me?"

The waxing gibbous phase represents a time of growth, progress, and preparation. It signifies a period of increasing energy and momentum, where intentions set during the new moon phase start to manifest.

This phase encourages individuals to refine their goals, make adjustments, and persevere in pursuit of their desires, harnessing the expanding lunar energy to propel them forward.

Waxing Gibbous

"What else is happening?"

As Mercury moves into Cancer, remember to express yourself authentically. Tap into your emotions, intuition, and heartfelt words. Share what truly inspires you and strive to establish spiritual connections with others on a profound level. Reflect on your past experiences to gain valuable insights and wisdom, enabling you to connect the dots and formulate a strategic plan for moving forward.

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