Emotional + Physical Empowerment through Essential Oils 


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Essential oils seem to be everywhere: on every label + in every commercial.

It is because they have extraordinary power to shift both your mind and body into a state of well-being.

But how do you tell the real stuff from imposters?  And does that even matter?

As it turns out... it matters A LOT!

In this episode, Roxanne Foura explains what you really need to know about using essential oils and how to choose the products and oils that help you merge with your best self.

Roxanne Foura, BA, LMT, doTERRA Wellness Advocate has worked in the complementary alternative world for 18 years as a massage therapist, holistic practitioner, public speaker and instructor for doTERRA Essential Oils.

Roxanne is a mother of a 15-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter.

Roxanne is an avid skier, traveler, reader and writer. She has been fortunate in this life to piece-meal her passions to create a peaceful, sustainable career in the holistic world. Providing tools and education to those seeking options and methods to improve wellness approaches to life.

I met Roxanne when she was teaching a workshop on essential oils and emotions at my yoga studio.  I fell in love with her scientific knowledge of each oil individually.  She explained the chemical composition as it related to the way that it functioned, either in our bodies or in our environments.  I am always on a mission to uncover the intricacies of our biology as it relates to how we think and feel, within ourselves and our larger environment.

During the early days of the pandemic, when the world was in lock-down, I spent many evenings on my phone as Roxanne described, from her basement office, the composition and benefits of each essential oil-and oil blend- offered by doTerra in her private Facebook Group.  

I thought that I knew so much about essential oils until Roxanne entered my world and I realized that I had hardly scratched the surface.

Despite what the pharmaceutical industry wants you to believe: health is our natural state of being.  

Nature offers us symbiotic support to heal how we feel, both emotionally and physically. 
It is up to us to tap in.

But like so many other things, knowing where to start can be overwhelming.  

You will learn big words, like "PHARMACOGNOSY."  And you will understand why Roxanne is a wealth of practical information and insight.

In this episode, we touch on everything from the "green-washing" of common household products to the effects of chemical toxins in beauty and cleaning products to the simple, inexpensive ways to begin your essential oil journey.

 Tune in to discover: 

  • How the average mom, who does everything, can begin to convert a household to a non-toxic environment
  • What "green-washing" means
  • What to look for on labels that advertise essential oils
  • Why the quality of an oil matters
  • How household toxins affect hormones in ourselves and children
  • What are simple, daily ways to implement essential oils into life to reduce toxic overload
  • How you can get in touch with Roxanne for a 1:1 consultation

Quotes from the Episode:
"There is such tremendous power to be had when you tap into plants as raw materials."
"Don't start with more than you need.  Start with 5-10 oils and you get in the habit.  And just like everything, you begin to stack your habits."
On Xenoestrogens- "In addition to not having consistent periods, inability to have proper fertility functions, losing brain density, tremendous emotional imbalances that begin to look like anxiety, neurological deficits; we need all of our neurotransmitters!" 
"Clean doesn't have a smell!"

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