Color + Design Trends for 2022

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Want to know the hottest design trends for 2022.....
of course you do!

Do you want to know which trends will give you the updated look to bring joy and inspiration?  

Fresh from High Point Furniture Market, the original Home Furnishings Showcase in the U.S., I share with you the colors and styles that you are sure to start seeing in the coming months.  And how to use them to up-level your own spaces.

How do know which things to invest in and which ones are going to feel dated in a few years?

I dive into all of these topics and share with you the 7 main takeaways from Market to help you get your home/apartment/bedroom, whatever space you are working on, in tip-top shape without regrets down the road.

I probably used the word beautiful, a few too many times.  But it was just so good to be out in the world and inspired by designers, artists, and innovators.  

This episode will have you poised to be the in-the-know interior fashionista that you long to be!  There is a lot of happiness on the horizon.

 Tune in to discover: 

  • how to mimic this hot new color palette
  • what the industry is doing to improve it's environmental foot print
  • how you can do your part
  • what good things have come from material shortages and import delays
  • what the hottest natural design materials are
  • what purchases are wise investments
  • how to move forward in this time of product shortages and limited selections

Images from High Point Market

Color: Learn how to blend colors to recreate this look from Universal Furniture

Rattan: Discover how you can bring in this hot trend without making a big investment

Bedding: Easier living through smarter covers

Reclaimed gets sexy

Fresh finishes


  • Great design goes way beyond bedding and wall color. 
  • It encapsulates the needs of the girl who dreams, sleeps, and grows there. 
  • It supports her changing emotions and grows with her ever evoloving needs.