Making room for what you desire most: The Advent exercise

In Episode 58, I walked you through an exercise to align your home with your dreams and desires for the year ahead.  I already know that emotions are going to surface in conjunction with the items that I am letting go of.  This is a safe place to post those a-ha moments and ask for clarity when you run into emotional resistance.

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Lynne Niehaus

We are at the one-week mark of the Advent Challenge.  Whew!  Maybe it's the full moon.  Maybe it's the true power of letting go.  Here are some my key takeaways so far:

Day 1- Makeup.  Since moving into this house, I have kept my favorite makeup far away from my vanity.  Mostly because it spilled at some point and in order to use it, I would have to go through and clean each little pod.  I did it!  I am so excited to get ready again! I didn't know how much I missed looking at myself in the mirror!  What a joy!

Day 5- Stagnant energy in my office.  I actually HATE being in there!  Sage doesn't work.  Crystals aren't working.  I'm throwing out everything that makes me look like a "successful designer."  That's not who I want to be.  I am an artist and a healer.  A healer of homes!

There is so much more but these 2 shook me!

I love how real I have been with myself if my journal.

What's coming up for you?



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