The Stories That Shape Us-letting go to grow

As I move deeper into a Shamanic and natural way of experiencing the world around me, I see the ways in which my ego tries to protect me by holding on to things that really aren't true anymore.  Finding ways to honor myself, my past, and what I desire to create in the world has me looking at things in a new way.  

This is an honest space of accountability.  I wanted to share with you what I am letting go of.  I could make a long list.

Beat myself up.

Or come at it from a place of compassion and reverence.  

And make solemn commitments to my growth.

Seeds are small for a reason.

Here is what I am letting go of:

  • To Delete: Feeling guilty for not fitting myself in other people's boxes.
  • The storyI am so good at sensing what other people need.  I can hear, feel it, sometimes even smell it!  It is my superpower.  
  • How it has served me in the past: I have been able to help people solve so many issues and they love that they can rely on me.  It feels good to be able to help people.  I have derived much of my personal value from being able to be what other people needed me to be.
  • The cost: I become resentful when people can't solve problems for themselves.  Or when they ask me for help but don't take my advice.  Tapping into the energy of others is extremely draining and leaves me with little energy to create for myself.  I have trouble seeing what I want and need because I am so other-focused.  Often I use my own personal resources, money and time, going over and above what I have been compensated for to keep others happy.
  • To Install: I am learning how to create boundaries that leave time and space for me to co-create with Spirit.  I can still help and inspire others without sacrificing my own goals and desires.

What can you let go of because it no longer reflects who you desire to become?  

Watch your words.  They can offer so much insight!



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