Turning Your Strengths into Your Superpower

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What do you think when you hear the word "SUPERPOWER?'

Do you think of it as something obtainable?

Something that you actually possess?

SPOILER ALERT..... you do!
It's just a matter of having the confidence to lean in and magnify the thing or things that you are already good at.

Learning to trust yourself (or teaching your daughter to) is the hard part.

We all know that in any great comic book, the hero's powers come into play when a challenge presents itself.  We live our lives in the mundane safe place that keeps our superpowers hidden.  The easiest way to empower yourself, or give your daughter the skills to step into her power, is to shift your natural talent or skill into SUPERPOWER status.  

No matter how ordinary you feel, I can bet that you have something incredible hiding beneath that exterior.  You just have to dig deep enough to connect to it.  You may have even seen it as a burden or a flaw.  As girls we are told to be less bossy, less emotional, less dramatic.  Our own power embarrasses us (or our parents) and we dial it back in order not to draw attention to ourselves.  

Or we see someone who is so much better at what we are good at and getting to their level seems impossible.  We are afraid to "own our superpower" out of fear of being judged or not measuring up to someone else's standards.

How do you nurture what comes naturally so that it can become more than just "something you are good at?"  

What does it take to  turn a TALENT into a SUPERPOWER?

And why even bother?  It seems like a lot of work!

Plus you could be opening yourself or your child up to judgement and criticism?

We have all encountered those people who seem to have the ability to step into their natural skills in a big way.

A way that brings joy, light, or ease to others.

Those magical unicorns.

What if we are all unicorns?  Unique and magical in our own way.  And moving into our superpowers makes the world a better place for everyone?

In these last few weeks, I have been challenged.  I had to go deep.  And I discovered a gift that had been given to me years ago that helped me magnify my talent.  I had never made the connection until I had to say goodbye to the people that gave me that gift.

The lesson that I learned is that you too can own your superpower.  I will tell you how.

girl with superpowers


  • how to recognize your daughter's superpower
  • how to recognize your own superpower
  • how developing a superpower equates to self-love
  • the effect of magnifying your strengths
  • how to get support in identifying and stepping into your superpower (or helping your daughter step into hers)


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