Have you given up on the idea of getting a good night's sleep?

I have been there.  The first 4 months in our new house were racked with more sleep-impaired nights than I can count.  Our house was in chaos.  My bedroom was also my office.  The room is barely 9' x 9' and housed a KING-SIZED BED!  (The bedroom door couldn't close because it hit the edge of the bed.

The house was filled with dust and construction tools.  

It wasn't until I created a nightly routine with essential oils that I started to find some relief.



Here is what's included?

  • envelope with 2 small vials of therapeutic grade essential oils.  
  • 12 Serenity gel capsules
  • instructions on how to use the oils to support your sleep
  • design guidance/Q & A to help align your bedroom with your sleep needs
  • opening and closing webinars about the oils
  • additional support from some kick-ass women you will love!


The Study Begins Sunday, July 19th

There is a limited number of spots. DON'T WAIT!

It takes about 3 days to get mail to most places in the US.  So you must register by Wednesday, the 14th at midnight to get your samples in time!